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 Tempo Paints


Tempo Spray Products feature the exclusive adjustable fanspray valve which offers a professional extra wide pattern. Packaged in 11 oz aerosol cans.

  • Enamel: Especially formulated to adhere to aluminum and steel; providing excellent corrosion resistance. For use on interior or exterior applications.

  • Lacquer: Dries in under 15 minutes for fast applications. Can be applied to all interior or exterior aluminum and steel surfaces; however, where additional corrosion protection is needed enamel is recommended.

  • Primer Zinc Chromate: Bare metal primer provides maximum bonding to aluminum and steel. The Zinc Oxide has been recently introduced to provide a "safer, healthier" alternative to the chromate with equal performance.
  • Epoxy Propeller Coating: Formulated with extra adhesion and abrasion resistance to provide extra protection to propellor against corrosion and wear. With regular use, epoxy coating can extend blade life when compared to standard enamel and lacquers.

    Enamel Lacquer Primers
    Epoxy Propeller Coating